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Forgotten Premieres

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the festival premiere of Forgotten, a documentary I along with the team at Visual Inclination had spent the last few years helping to create. The film premiered at the 10th annual COMMFest festival in Toronto, where it was incredibly well received and won the Making a Difference award.

Directed by M. Eleanor McGrath, the film tells the story of over 100,000 British children who came to Canada to serve as indentured labour, and helped form the backbone of the nation. It also tells the story of the descendants of these children, and their yearning to uncover their forgotten history.

I had the pleasure of serving as the film’s editor, and also composed some original music for the film. 

Forgotten is currently scheduled to screen several upcoming festivals internationally including La Femme International Film Festival in Los Angeles; the AGH BMO World Film Festival in Hamilton; and the Crystal Palace International Film Festival in London, England.

For more information about screenings or about the film itself please visit