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iPhone 6 Wallpaper Collection

I adore my iPhone. It's one of the few devices I couldn't live without. One of its best features is the camera, which when combined with the perfect app (I like VSCO Cam) can yield some pretty stunning results.

Recently I've been taking a lot more photos, and to help showcase them I've also been using them as my iPhone wallpaper. I thought it might be nice to share a collection of them with you.

So here's a collection of 6 wallpaper images perfectly optimized for iPhone 6 screens. I find the easiest way to get downloaded wallpaper on my phone is to add to iPhoto/ on the mac, and create an iCloud Photo Stream. Then from my device I can easily navigate through all the wallpapers I have, download the one I want to use, and set it.

Download Zip

I've also uploaded each image individually to Flickr should you want to grab them individually. 

These images are released free of charge under the Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commerical, Share Alike license (in other words, they're free, and you can do what you want with them so long as you give me credit and don't use them to make money).

Also, shout out to John Carey and his phenomenal website 50 Foot Shadows which provided me with so many beautiful wallpaper images over the years, and served as the dimension template for the photos posted here.

Update: I've created another set of autumn themed wallpaper, which you can find here.