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FCP X Feature Request: Watch Folders

Recently I've been working on a series that requires me to try out and download a lot of music options. In so doing I've come across a feature I'd really, really like to see added to Final Cut Pro X. Rather than simply wish for it, I decided to send some feedback to the team at Apple (they do listen). I thought I'd share it here with you, and perhaps if you agree you might opt to request it as well!

One feature I'd love to see added is the ability to add "watch folders" for events. For example, I have an event for music where I throw all my possible music options in. On this series I'm working on I'm constantly hunting for and pulling down music from a music library site. And each time I get new tracks I want to use I have to manually import, and then set my roles, before I can actually start editing.

What would be great would be the ability to take an event and point it to a "watch folder" so that anything that ends up in that folder is automatically added to the event, and roles or keywords set appropriately. 

This would be great for music, graphics, sound effects, VFX; any of these sort of materials that tend to be changing, or incoming throughout an edit process.