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Locker Room Doctor

The Locker Room Doctor is here to answer all your questions about men's health. And this isn't your average TV doctor either! It's hosted by a real life physician, Dr. Mike Evans. Taking the Doctor out of the office and into the locker room, this series will help to answer some of the toughest, strangest, and most awkward questions men have about their health. 

Client: Reframe Health Films
Producer & Director: Joey Case
Camera: Nicholas de Pencier
Editor: Adam Schoales & Joey Burke

August 2016

I had a lot of fun helping the folks at Essential Media put together these four short web videos for the Locker Room Doctor series. We opted to cut the shorts using Final Cut Pro X, despite our other editor being inexperienced with the software, because of its excellent multicam syncing abilities, the way it handles 4K media and proxies, and ability to do lots of high quality effects right inside the NLE. In the end we were incredibly pleased with the results.