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What I'm Listening To: November 2017

Here's a list of a few of the things that have been in constant rotation on my iPod -- err -- iPhone lately.

KIASMOS - Blurred
The latest EP from KIASMOS. If you loved their album, you'll love this. 

Full disclosure, I know Adrian and have worked on a few projects with him. That doesn't take away from the fact that his music is incredible, and he's one of the most talented people I know. If you dig Nils Frahm's albums, you'll definitely enjoy Adrian's latest work.

TODD BAKER - Monument Valley 2 Soundtrack
The sequel to one of the best iPhone games of all time also happens to have one of the best soundtracks I've heard in some time. Really great stuff here.

PHIL FRANCE - The Swimmer
Phil France might be best known as a member of another one of my favourite bands, THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA. His solo EP is very much in line with the band's offering so if you like their work you're bound to dig this.

JOHN MAYER - The Search for Everything
The latest from John Mayer, which deviates from his more recent pop-folk based albums, and much more in line with his earlier work with the John Mayer Trio. If you only know John Mayer's earliest adult contemporary stuff (Your Body Is a Wonderland, etc.) it might be time to revisit him.

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