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The Typography of Quantum of Solace

Adam Schoales

On a recent rewatch of Spectre I was struck by just how awful the typography was for the lower thirds. This was surprising since two Bond films prior the location title cards featured unique typography for each location, and every single one of them was beautiful. 

Shortly after the release of Quantum of Solace the folks over at Font Shop put together a really great article that analyzed the typography used for each of these title cards, as well as providing options for where designers could purchase the typefaces (or something similar). 

Unfortunately they since shut down their blog, and the article had been lost to time. Fortunately before that happened I managed to create a copy of the article for myself to reference as needed.

So to preserve this excellent article I am re-publishing it here so that it won't be lost to time, and so fellow typophiles don't have to wait for the Wayback Machine to try and load it. I've also done my best to update all the links so that they point to updated pages, and in some cases have had to replace/remove links that have died.

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Adam Schoales

If you love motion design you will love this reel. Great music selection too!!

Really great branding for the OXYGEN network (which is a terrible name for a true crime network, by the way). Under Consideration digs deep into the complete re-brand.

This doc looks absolutely fantastic.

A lovely little tune, fun retro animation, and a great reminder of why I'm proud to be a Canadian.

I was in New York City this weekend and got to see this in person. It's weird, but also very cool. No idea what the point is though...