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Carbonara for One (very hungry person)

Adam Schoales

I love carbonara. Haven’t found the perfect recipe yet though, especially if only making for one. So I asked on Twitter. Naturally someone came to the rescue. This is my adaptation of their recipe. Now, it says it's for one, but I found it to be more like two regular servings (or one really big serving). That said, it's a much more reasonable amount to make than most other recipes I've found.

For the recipe, click through.

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Roasted Red-Pepper Pesto with Penne

Adam Schoales

So you want to eat better, good for you. But what's this? You don't love cooking, and more importantly don't have time to? 

Fear not. Here's a stupidly simple recipe for one of my favourite dishes. The one element that slows it down? Boiling your water and making the pasta. Other than that you can literally whip this thing up in 5 minutes.

No, this isn't about Final Cut Pro, or filmmaking, or tech, but it's my blog and I can do what I want, right? Besides, you'll be happy I gave you this recipe (which I originally found over at Annie's Eats, so all credit goes to her).

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