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John Mayer Live: Album Art

Any John Mayer fan will tell you that you haven’t really experienced John until you’ve seen him live, and that as good as his albums are, they pale in comparison to his live shows.

Lucky for all of us, John Mayer has a live-taping policy allowing for fans to record his live shows and share them freely amongst fans. As a result there have been hundreds of live shows captured and shared online. But, unfortunately, very rarely do they come with album art for iTunes so I have been taking it upon myself to create art for a number of my favourite recordings.

Photos for Summer Tour 2019 artwork come from John’s official Instagram, and are likely by Daniel or Thomas.

To listen to these recordings yourself visit the John Mayer collection.
My personal favourite recordings are taped by Chris Jones, whose recordings are so good you’d swear they were taken right from the soundboard.