Adam Schoales
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Summer at TIFF 2019

For TIFF’s 2019 summer programming the marketing team created a singular campaign that encompassed the multitude of series we were running all summer long.

I was tasked with creating the trailer, along with supporting ads for social media.

May 2019

Summer At TIFF 2019: Trailer

Playing off the campaign tagline of “Come for the film, stay for the summer” we created a trailer that incorporated a number of reasons to stay at TIFF this summer, along with imagery from the breadth of programming selected for the run. This trailer ran both online and in cinemas during the lead-up to the series.

Client: Toronto International Film Festival
Producer/Editor: Adam Schoales

TIFF Summer 2019 - Social Ads

Three variations on the theme from the Summer trailer, the social ads were designed to highlight a specific type of programming as well as three specific themes: style, fun, and weird.