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TIFF Tidbits

Adam Schoales

Since starting at TIFF as a Video Producer back in June I've had the pleasure of working on a number of fun and interesting video projects. Here's a small selection of some of my favourites so far.

In January of 2017 TIFF's founder Bill Marshall passed away. This short documentary, which screened on opening night of the 2017 festival, pays tribute to our late founder with interviews from those who knew him best.

Legendary funnyman Jim Carrey popped by TIFF's Studio 9 during festival to discuss his influences, his childhood, and of course Andy Kauffman.

Two of England's finest actors, Kate Winslet and Idris Elba, popped by Studio 9 during festival for the inaugural episode of TIFF's Actor x Actor series.

Keanu Reeves talks Kathryn Bigelow and Patrick Swayze and their desires to push the limits while making the iconic Point Break

The TIFF 2017 Highlight Trailer recaps some of the best moments from the 2017 festival, and features appearances from The Queen, Lady Gaga, Stringer Bell, Sherlock, and most importantly, my favourite comedian. And, oh yeah, Drake.

A supercut of some of Messrs. Brydon and Coogan's best impressions from The Trip series.

TIFF Artistic Director Cameron Bailey sits down with legendary filmmaker Christopher Nolan to talk Dunkirk.

Canada's own Ellen Wong discusses Scott Pilgrim, Glow, and her love for Toronto.


Adam Schoales

If you love motion design you will love this reel. Great music selection too!!

Really great branding for the OXYGEN network (which is a terrible name for a true crime network, by the way). Under Consideration digs deep into the complete re-brand.

This doc looks absolutely fantastic.

A lovely little tune, fun retro animation, and a great reminder of why I'm proud to be a Canadian.

I was in New York City this weekend and got to see this in person. It's weird, but also very cool. No idea what the point is though...


Adam Schoales

Recipe videos inspired by famous directors. There's a few other great ones too, but nothing can top Wes Anderson.

This delightful little short (which, of course, ends up being a commercial in the end) is beautifully animated, and has some truly excellent sound design!

The latest episode of COLOURSCOPE will leave you falling in love with Purple all over again.

A great little animated music video for the track "False Dawn" from The Album Leaf's latest LP.

This short trailer for the upcoming series of The Great British Bake Off (now on Channel 4) is both cute, surreal, and horrifying.


Adam Schoales

A collection of fun animated versions of famous logos. Instagram and Slack might be my favourites.

Paint has never been so mesmerizing!

Remember what I just said? This gives it a run for its money...

I can't decide what I love more, the visuals or the sound design.

My wife just got back from a trip to Iceland and Sweden and mentioned that Icelandair had an awesome safety video. She wasn't kidding! It's absolutely beautiful!