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In high school I loved making mix CDs. It gave me an opportunity to introduce my friends to some of my favourite artists, or to teach them about the deep cuts of the Michael Jackson catalogue. Unfortunately, as podcasts began to dominate my listening habits mix CDs kind of fell by the wayside. While I still put out an annual Christmas mix it's been a long while since I put out a really great mix.

See, people think it's easy to make a mix. It's not. Firstly you need to pick songs that work together, be it thematically, melodically, or just in style. Sequencing is important; after all you need to lead the listener through things and you don't want to jar them by having a death metal track next to a Bach minuet. And then there's the little details like the gap between songs. This is the thing that is hardest to get right. If you're jumping around an album things like this don't matter, but if you're intending to lead the listener to listen from start to finish it is key that you get this right. See what I mean? Not easy.

So I wanted to try something new this year; each month I'm going to put out a mix for the month. Each mix will contain (hopefully) 12 tracks. Get it? 12 months, 12 tracks. 

I'll post the mixes for download here, along with the track list. I'll also upload them to a few other sites for those who want to simply stream (though with some of these services you'll lack all the finesse, which is what I pride myself on).

This month has been inspired by the snow, and more importantly the bitter cold. Hopefully these tracks will relax you, warm you up, and help you settle into this new year; while also introducing you to some wonderful artists you may never have heard of. 

And of course, if you enjoy any of the music you hear please support the artists. Without them we'd be musicless, and that would be a horrible thing.


  1. Reid Jamieson - Song for a Winter's Night
  2. Nils Frahm - Ambre
  3. Dustin O'Halloran - An Ending A Beginning
  4. Peter Broderick - Floating / Sinking
  5. J. Ralph - Chasing Ice (January Mix)*
  6. Aphex Twin - Avril 14th
  7. Keith Kenniff - Flow & Branch
  8. Jon Hopkins - Form By Firelight
  9. Cinematic Orchestra - That Home
  10. Ólafur Arnalds - Old Skin
  11. Mark Henry Phillips - The File
  12. Coldplay - Midnight

* This track is an exclusive remix and may not be available on other streaming platforms.

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