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Making the Switch to X - A Comparative Study

Charlie Austin is a trailer editor in LA and a Final Cut Pro X Wiz. He recently spoke the FCP Exchange event at NAB about why editors, all editors, should (re)consider working with FCP X. 

Obviously, if you spent any time speaking to me or reading my blog you know that I'm a FCP X fan, but Charlie does a really good job of explaining not just how you can use FCP X to your advantage but why you should use it to your advantage.

I highly recommend all editors check this video out, including FCP X editors. I learned a couple of things I hadn't considered before. Some great take-aways include why roles are so amazing, how to keep your projects nicely organized, why you should consider having a FCP X library on the go even if you're cutting in one of those other NLEs, and how much better finishing/versioning can be.

So pour yourself a nice cup of tea, sit back, and soak in the glory of Charlie's FCP X mastery.