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Bergman 100: The Ingmar Bergman Centenary

Bergman 100: The Ingmar Bergman Centenary Trailer

A smash hit in London and New York, this centenary celebration of the revered Swedish master is packed with classics, rarities, and recent restorations.

Our marketing team tasked me with creating a trailer for our Berman 100 retrospective. The programming team was a huge fan of the trailer created by the BFI for their Bergman retrospective, and so I began digging into Bergmans films to create a trailer that reflected the beautiful imagery of his films, as well as the more haunting elements that prevailed across his filmography.

Client: Toronto International Film Festival
Producer/Editor: Adam Schoales

October 2018

Social Ad

The marketing team also needed a shorter social ad which they could run on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The maximum running time was 15 seconds, so I wasn’t going to be able to tell a story like I could with the trailer.

Taking inspiration from the opening title sequence for Bergman’s Persona, I created a short ad that replicated the quick cutting of Bergman’s film, while also giving a quick breakdown of what the retrospective would contain.

Cell Phone PSA

Finally, for some time our Cinematheque programmers had been wanting some sort of Public Service Announcement reminding guests to turn of their cell phones and other noise-making devices before the screening. This prompted me to create a short PSA featuring footage from Bergman’s iconic The Seventh Seal in which a rather intense moment between The Knight and Death is interrupted by a ringing phone.