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Back to the Big Screen: The Cinema of Steven Spielberg

Back to the Big Screen: The Cinema of Steven Spielberg Trailer

The filmmaker who redefined American popular cinema receives his first ever TIFF Cinematheque retrospective.

Our marketing team tasked me with creating a trailer for our Spielberg retrospective. They wanted to play up the feeling of nostalgia brought on by these classic films, but also really wanted to highlight the epic scale of these quintessential blockbusters. Using some of the most iconic scenes and images, I made a trailer that I felt perfectly summarized both Spielberg’s cannon and the series itself.

Client: Toronto International Film Festival
Producer/Editor: Adam Schoales

December 2018

Social Ad

The marketing team also needed a shorter social ads which they could run on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The maximum running time was 15 seconds, so they needed to be short and punchy.

Playing off the classic line from Jaws, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”, we built a series of four teasers that highlighted 4 of the most iconic films in the series. Again, playing with the notion of nostalgia, we combined the aesthetics of VHS home videos with some of the most memorable scenes of those films to emphasize that you’re really going to want to see these films on the big screen.

Cell Phone PSA

Continuing the “interrupt a scene from the film” PSA we did for our Bergman 100 series, I created another cell-phone PSA using one of the best scenes from one of my favourite films in the series.