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Apollo 11: Crafting the Score

Apollo 11: Crafting the Score

In early March 2018 I attended a screening of  Apollo 11 and was absolutely floored. Todd Douglas Miller had crafted an incredibly visceral and compelling account of the moon landing, using newly unearthed and restored footage from the NASA archives. But as much as I loved the movie what I loved even more was the score. I was also incredibly intrigued by a note in the end of the credits saying all the music was recorded only on instruments contemporary to the film's 1969 setting.

So intrigued that I reached out the composer, Matt Morton, and asked if we could do an interview about this decision, and how he managed to pull it all off.

Client: TIFF
Producer/Editor: Adam Schoales

During the interview process I asked Matt if he could walk us through the various layers that make up one of the cues. While only a short portion of that walkthrough made it into the piece, you can watch the entire walkthrough for the “Transearth Injection” cue here. Best enjoyed with headphones to experience the full stereo effects.

The interview was later picked up and republished on Uncrate, Laughing Squid, Milan Records, and Synthtopia.

Listen to the full APOLLO 11 soundtrack
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