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Autumn iPhone Wallpaper Collection

Having spent this past weekend at the cottage for Thanksgiving (yes, in Canada we celebrate it in October) I decided to capture the beauty of my favourite season, and create some more iPhone wallpapers out of them. 

These images have been optimized for iPhone 6 screens. I find the easiest way to get downloaded wallpaper on my phone is to add to iPhoto/ on the mac, and create an iCloud Photo Stream. Then from my device I can easily navigate through all the wallpapers I have, download the one I want to use, and set it.

Download Zip

I've also these images to my previous Flickr collection should you want to grab them individually, along with my previous iPhone wallpapers. 

These images are released free of charge under the Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commerical, Share Alike license (in other words, they're free, and you can do what you want with them so long as you give me credit and don't use them to make money).