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Swipecast Behind the Scenes

Swipecast brings together models, designers, photographers and stylists all in one place where they can message each other, review each others’ portfolios, set up castings and send secure payments for jobs.

Client: Swipecast
Creative Director: Derrick Leung, Amateur Design Co.
Director: Julian De Zorzi, Visual Inclination
Editor: Adam Schoales, Visual Inclination
Models: Alejandra Infante, Anastasia Eremenko, Quinta Witzel and Teresa Dilger
Styled by: Katie Burnett

August 2015

The VisInc crew teamed up once again with Amateur Design Co. to create a behind the scenes video,  Instagram teasers, website looping background, and in app background videos for the fashion social network app, Swipecast. The app is already making waves, and demand is high!

Once again, Final Cut Pro X helped speed up our workflow, facilitating multiple formats and alternate cuts. It was also one of our first major experiences working with an entirely 4K workflow in Final Cut Pro X. We knew we were delivering in 1080p, but shot with 4K RED with the intention of being able to reframe and reposition the 4K image within a 1080 frame. Final Cut Pro X's spatial conform features made doing so an absolute breeze, and in the end nearly every single shot was re-framed in post.

We also made use of two fantastic plugins from the fine folks at MotionVFX, mAberratic and mGlitch, and despite some occasional memory overflows (needless to say, that much visual effects processing on multiple layers of 4K video was a lot for our cheese-grater Mac Pros to handle) the results speak for themselves.