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From The Source

Water, seeds, soil and sun. It’s an old story, with a Californian twist.

Client: Nomura & Co.
Producer: Compass360
Director: John Cook
Director of Photography: Gregory Bennett
Editor: Adam Schoales
Music: Scott Wise

September 2016

Starting from an assembly cut in Adobe Premiere we quickly discovered that it was struggling with the 4K source footage. Weighing our options, and knowing we wanted to complete the project as quickly as possible, I decided it would perhaps be worth trying to translate the project into Final Cut Pro X using a tool I had had for years but never actually put to work, 7 to X for Final Cut Pro, by the fine folks at Intelligence Assistance (creators of the invaluable Sync-N-Link X of which I've written previously).

The process was remarkably painless. I exported an XML of the Premiere Pro CC project, brought it into 7 to X and let it do it's thing. Within a few minutes I had a new FCP X library ready and waiting, and was able to pull up the previously edited sequence and begin the process of finishing the edit.

Some trickery was required to deal with the fact that the footage was shot flat, and Premiere Pro's LUT processing is different from that of Final Cut Pro X, but using LUT Utility I was able to get everything looking good after a few minutes of tweaking (and digging for the original LUT used by Premiere).

Once inside Final Cut Pro X I could work at the speed I was accustomed to, and managed to edit the piece without having to rely on low-res Proxies or waiting for long renders.