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Last Place

Adam Schoales

Last Place

Client: Ontario Nurses Association
Producer: Compass360
Director: John Cook
Director of Photography: Gregory Bennett
Editor: Adam Schoales

October 2016

The main spot for the Ontario Nurses Association's fall 2016 campaign includes a few moments of "movie magic", including the seamless combination of multiple takes to create the perfect performance, as well as some hidden visual effects work (can you spot them?).

The companion piece, More Cuts at the Hospital, is a re-edit of a previous spot. It also features some movie magic, where we utilized Final Cut Pro X's powerful optical flow settings to create a powerful moment from a short section of raw footage found between takes.

From The Source

Adam Schoales

Water, seeds, soil and sun. It’s an old story, with a Californian twist.

Client: Nomura & Co.
Producer: Compass360
Director: John Cook
Director of Photography: Gregory Bennett
Editor: Adam Schoales
Music: Scott Wise

September 2016

Starting from an assembly cut in Adobe Premiere we quickly discovered that it was struggling with the 4K source footage. Weighing our options, and knowing we wanted to complete the project as quickly as possible, I decided it would perhaps be worth trying to translate the project into Final Cut Pro X using a tool I had had for years but never actually put to work, 7 to X for Final Cut Pro, by the fine folks at Intelligence Assistance (creators of the invaluable Sync-N-Link X of which I've written previously).

The process was remarkably painless. I exported an XML of the Premiere Pro CC project, brought it into 7 to X and let it do it's thing. Within a few minutes I had a new FCP X library ready and waiting, and was able to pull up the previously edited sequence and begin the process of finishing the edit.

Some trickery was required to deal with the fact that the footage was shot flat, and Premiere Pro's LUT processing is different from that of Final Cut Pro X, but using LUT Utility I was able to get everything looking good after a few minutes of tweaking (and digging for the original LUT used by Premiere).

Once inside Final Cut Pro X I could work at the speed I was accustomed to, and managed to edit the piece without having to rely on low-res Proxies or waiting for long renders.

Locker Room Doctor

Adam Schoales

The Locker Room Doctor is here to answer all your questions about men's health. And this isn't your average TV doctor either! It's hosted by a real life physician, Dr. Mike Evans. Taking the Doctor out of the office and into the locker room, this series will help to answer some of the toughest, strangest, and most awkward questions men have about their health. 

Client: Reframe Health Films
Producer & Director: Joey Case
Camera: Nicholas de Pencier
Editor: Adam Schoales & Joey Burke

August 2016

I had a lot of fun helping the folks at Essential Media put together these four short web videos for the Locker Room Doctor series. We opted to cut the shorts using Final Cut Pro X, despite our other editor being inexperienced with the software, because of its excellent multicam syncing abilities, the way it handles 4K media and proxies, and ability to do lots of high quality effects right inside the NLE. In the end we were incredibly pleased with the results.

Packaging with FCP X or How to Stripe Audio

Adam Schoales

Recently I had to do the final packaging of a show that we cut using Final Cut Pro X, or more specifically add our finished, mixed, and mastered audio files to a colour graded master video file. I was pretty well versed in this process using Final Cut Pro 7 back in the day, but had never actually had the occasion to do it with Final Cut Pro X. The problem I was having was that each audio file was supposed to correspond to a separate audio channel, which in the old days corresponded to the tracks in your NLE. But, as we all know, Final Cut Pro X has no tracks. So what are we to do?

Read on to discover how we can re-stripe our audio with Final Cut Pro X and the magic of Roles.

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