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A Tribute to Piers Handling

After 37 years with the festival, and 25 at the helm, TIFF’s fearless leader Piers Handling announced he was retiring. Having started with the Festival as a programmer in 1982, and later serving as Artistic Director for seven years before becoming Director & CEO in 1994, it was important to create something that told the story of his incredible legacy. Our team was tasked with producing a short tribute documentary that spoke about Handling’s incredible career at TIFF, from the people that knew him best.

September 2018

A Tribute to Piers Handling

An oral and visual history of Piers drawn from interviews with just a few of his many friends and colleagues, including Canadian icons Norman Jewison, Atom Egoyan, Patricia Rozema, and Denys Arcand, and images and video from the TIFF archives.

Client: Toronto International Film Festival
Producer: Adam Schoales, Tessa Lai, and Aaron Van Domelen for Department 30
Director: Adam Schoales
Director of Photography: Aaron Van Domelen
Editor: Adam Schoales
Assistant Editor: Lee Cochran